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Walmart Delivery Drivers AKA Spark Drivers across the United States are losing money daily by customer “tip baiting” - “Tip Adjustment” and “ Tip Withdrawal”.  Drivers are on average losing $150 a week in income based potential due to these unfair practices. Walmart Currently allows customers 24 hours to Remove or adjust their tips this has caused a nationwide epidemic of what is known as “tip baiting”- customers place large tips on orders in an effort to get the drivers to accept the orders and give the above and beyond delivery experience, take long mileage orders(orders that are on average 6 to 10 miles away from the store when the store base pay will not cover the one dollar per mile requirement of most drivers), delivery to hard to reach addresses such as 3rd floor apartment buildings with no elevator and then the moment their order is dropped off the customers will remove the tip therefore taking from the drivers income potential, lowering the overall income to a wage that is below the living wage. 
Drivers are requesting that Walmart end their 24 hour tip adjustment/tip removal policy so that once the tip is set and the order is delivered the tips are delivered to the driver immediately.  This will ensure the retention rate of good drivers would be higher and drivers would be able to earn the equivalent to a living wage.  

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